Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Olive the Mushroom!

She's crawling. Properly crawling! 

For Jannelle...

Morning time...sleepy eyes, sleepy curls. 

She's pulling to stand. On everything. Including people. 

And a very coy smile. 

And such big blue eyes.

Where did my baby girl go? 
I swear this was only yesterday...but it seems it was almost eight months ago. 

Jarvis the Cellarhand

On Saturday morning, Jarvis set off on an adventure with his Daddy. They had some secret Mother's Day operations to undertake, and had to go and check out the ferments at the winery.

Jarvis is quite handy with the hose - I imagine by next vintage he'll be quite a fabulous assistant to have around! Either that or he will have joined the volunteer fire brigade (the vineyard manager is the king of the local volunteer firemen, and he's always looking for new recruits)!

Fuzzy, but Fabulous! 

I especially love this pose! Ready for action!