Saturday, November 26, 2011


I did think Olive looked a lot like Jarvis did when he was wee...I think these pics confirm it! 

So lovely...

Monday, November 7, 2011

Phone blogging!

Why didn't I think of checking if there was a blogger android app before!!!
I think I'm posting a sideways photo of Jarvis and his favourite cat surveying the area, will need to work out the finer details of this mobile blogging carry on later!

Jarvis chooses a wine for lunch...

Yeah right, buddy! 

With two breastfeeding, but wine loving, wine wives? No freaking way!! (I'm not losing out on another bottle of Grange when I can't drink it. A pretty choice 1982 was consumed by two rather intoxicated gentlemen while I was pregnant with Jarvis. It brought tears to my eyes). 

You have to love his good taste though, right? 

(If you can't see the fuzzy label, it's a 1975 Penfolds Grange)...

What I Wore...

Do excuse the rubbish photo, definitely doesn't do this wicked frock justice. This arrived in a bundle of very random castoffs which came from my Mother-in law's next door neighbour. Some absolute gems (see above!), some absolute disasters, some really horrid jerseys that work waaaay better as skirts, and some mysterious items which my friend who owns a costume hire store was overjoyed to take off my hands. 

This dress started off somewhat dubiously, in fact I threw it in the bin about six times (and kept taking it out again every time I thought of something I could do to it that might just work). In the end a rough as guts attack with a pair of scissors left a pretty awesome dress. It needs a few repairs now as my hack job was kind of rough, but it's definitely wearable. And I really, really love the tiny pleats!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Apparently strawberries are complimented rather well by sand. Lots of sand. 

Then there's this lady, who at four weeks old is too little to eat strawberries and prefers to wear them on her t shirt instead :) 

One day I shall have time to actually write a whole post. Until then I'll keep running around in circles & striving to finish one cup of tea a day before it goes cold (current score 0/5).