Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday (not really...a linky?)

A quick visit this Wardrobe Wednesday - with a link back to a previous WW! As the theme is something you've made, this one will do the trick!

An older version!

See you next week ;)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Camera Curse...

Oh dear. We have another camera disaster on our hands. The lovely new camera has some kind of gremlin living in its little computer mind, and all it's giving me right now is an error message. Blue Screen of Death, camera style. That picture above is what it looks like all the time now, as it spends its life trying to focus on something none of us can see & refuses to retract the lens back inside. Hmmm. 

Anyhow, while it's off having a vacation at the Warranty Repair Place (thank goodness for warranty repairs...), we'll be attempting to kick it old school. I'm going out to buy a film (a what?!), and whilst Shane & I are adventuring over this coming weekend, we're going to take pictures with the good old film SLR. Hopefully all will be a great success, and I'll be scanning like a mad woman come Monday next week for some blogging action. And a truly spectacular Wardrobe Wednesday. Seriously. I'll be awol tomorrow, but come next Wednesday you'd better all watch out. 

Hopefully some of my kind whanau will be sending me some great pictures from this past weekend - it was so good that this morning I forgot completely that it was Tuesday (not Monday) until it was almost time for my house to fill up with my gorgeous Kindermusik students & their Mums. Fortunately that lightning bolt hit me before they arrived, not once they started knocking on the door ;)

Keep your eyes peeled for tales of a great adventure - in the mean time, have a fantastic week! 


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A sneaky pixie in the garden.


A Hideout for a Sneaky Pixie.

Nestled in the corner of the garden,
The pixie crouches
under his tree with its spindly leaves
          and a trunk like an elephant's leg.

An apothecary, he smashes up
Minty leaves, crunchy bark
Brewing a potion to make his
Feline Fairy Friend sprout wings
and fly.

A potion to make time stop
so he doesn’t have to leave his hideout
and go inside for tea

Wardrobe Wednesday - something floral :)

Not too tricky to find something floral this week...I think pretty much everything I wear has a flower or two (or twenty) on it!  

I found this wee dress in a Palmy op shop (they have some superb op shops down there!!), it cost me all of $5 and I love it to bits. Merino top from a trip to Dunedin many, many years ago (when we lived in Cromwell, so must have been in 2005?), tights from my mother in law's huge stash of unopened tights which she kindly donated to me when we were visiting (yay! you can never, ever have too many pairs of tights!). I even have shoes on today! Well I don't actually have them on now, but I did wear them for the photo & I do intend to wear them if I leave the house today...

Excuse the goofy smile, it was a 'please Jarvis, don't touch that tripod' type of smile...and it seems he did actually touch the tripod as it's a little fuzzy! Oh well. The tripod was a fantastical find of the weekend - Shane has had it forever, but it was lurking somewhere at his parents' place, finally it's come home! 

To see more lovely WW gals, visit Clare over at Green Valley Crafts - Wardrobe Wednesday HQ :) 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday (kinda...)

The weather conspired against Wardrobe Wednesday today. As in the one nice pair of dry clothes I have right now (everything I own is in the laundry, waiting for this stupid rain to stop so I can hang it out...) got soaked going to the supermarket this morning! I'm sitting here in a peculiar combination of dress & icebreaker & Shane's work socks. Hmmmm.

So, I decided to go through & find a photo of me wearing something which I would have liked to wear today, had the rain not foiled all of my plans!

So...we have an ezibuy dress, a glassons cardi, my favourite gumboots, and my gardening assistant :) I think I've posted this pic before, but I figure it works for today too!

Happy Wardrobe Wednesday all! :)

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Adventures with Daddy...

A few pics of the adventures Jarvis had with Daddy while I was in Queensland last week :) They had the most fabulous time!

More to come - blogger is being most uncooperative, I'm having to use the old editor to get photos to upload? Weird. Anyhow, enjoy!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Just in time for Wardrobe Wednesday!

What timing - I got home yesterday morning, and although I'm rather tired & confused about what time it is (who'd have thought a three hour time difference could throw you into such disarray!?), I'm here!

Today's photo comes from the camera being stuck on super macro...hence the extreme soft focus (as in very blurry indeed). Whoops. Camera is no longer stuck on super macro, but the dress I'm wearing is on the washing line after a meeting with a glass of syrah last night, so fuzzy it is. 

A wonderful new dress from a market in Brisbane city (which I plan to use as a pattern & clone many times!)
A pair of shoes!! Yay!! I made a visit to my favourite outlet mall & got this great little pair of sketchers. And they were only $29. Love it. 

My amazing visit to the Valentino Retrospective at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art was like a Wardrobe Wednesday inspiration fest. I seriously wanted to stay there forever, it was just so beautiful. My friend's partner even went so far as to call it dress porn ;) I'll be blogging about that expedition later, when I have a little more time! For now, the sun is out & the back yard is calling. Happy Wardrobe Wednesday! 

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hello from Brisbane!

A rather quick post (devoid of pictures, the Ancient Camera needs new batteries!), from the couch of my lovely friend's house in Brisbane :) She & her wonderful partner drove up to Mooloolaba last night & saved me from the uncertainty of an early morning encounter with a bus and two trains, and I must say I do prefer sitting here on the couch with a cup of tea to traipsing through train stations with a suitcase, looking like a mad woman!

My conference was fantastic - loved loved loved every moment. Totally worth coming over for :) Quite a lot of info for an out of practice brain to take in (three days of intensive workshops & seminars is quite a different kettle of fish to playing in the mud & dancing to the wiggles!) While I'm rambling away on the topic, you should really go to and find yourself a class to go to!! If you're in New Zealand that might be a little tricky as there are only three of us teaching, but if you love music & children you should totally look into teaching it yourself ;) (excuse the advertising! I always come away from the conference so very excited about Kindermusik!).

Right, off to gobble up my eggs benedict. Life is good. (and Jarvis & Daddy are happily at the playground playing pirates with some local kids. They are having a ball!!)