Friday, April 29, 2011

Chef Jarvis Strikes Again...

While I was running Jarvis his bath on Wednesday night, I heard a joyous squeak coming from the kitchen. 

"What are you doing in there, Jarvis"
"I love cooking, Mummy! I love it!"

The kitchen & bathroom are right next to each other (our house is of a curious design...), so I peeked out the bathroom door to see my small boy had dragged a chair up to the stove, and was happily pouring peanut oil into the onions & bacon I had frying gently for a pasta sauce...

About a cup of peanut oil, to be more precise. Quite a lot of it. The last of the bottle, even. My first thought was 'no no no no no no...' - but the smile on his face was too gorgeous for me to pack a hissy - especially when he told me again "Oh Mummy,I really love cooking!" .

So instead of admitting defeat and going to get fish & chips, I drained off the peanut oil into a cup, and instead of pasta for dinner we had really really awesome fried rice with bacon & veges & a peanut sauce :) 

It's all about perspective - disaster, or opportunity for a fantastic two year old to lead you in the direction of a dinner which was probably better than what it was originally intended to be! 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lights, Camera, Action,


How awesome that they were happy for everyone to take pictures - they even stayed in the pose in the first photo forever - so everyone who wanted to take a picture could get a good one!

Jarvis was absolutely amazed...he sat quietly stunned for quite a while, before bouncing and singing and waving his arms around! 

And he's barely taken his Wiggles t shirt off since last Thursday ;) Such a wonderful adventure! 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Curious how the body remembers thing - like abandoning all tummy muscles the second a baby started growing in there! I swear I'm bigger now than I was at 22 weeks last time - at least it's definitely a bump now, as opposed to a belly full of pies ;) 

Anyhow, this is 16 weeks, 1 day...

Monday, April 18, 2011

Boys Toys.

When you look at our lawn, there's really no mistaking who lives here, is there?! 

In the Sunshine before the Storm.

What a morning it was! Sunshine, a gentle nor'wester to dry my washing...

Perfect for a spot of painting, some tractor driving, and a walk down the road.

Right now the thunder is crashing, it's raining, and the wind has changed to a cruel southerly. Thank goodness we got some outdoor fun in while we could! 

Captain Feathersword?

Dear Kees and Piper,

Thank you so much for letting me have your Captain Feathersword outfit!! I really love it and spend most of my time wearing it around the house and yelling 'oooh aaaaar' and 'ahoy there'. 

I think I might even wear it when Mummy and I go to see the Wiggles on Thursday!

Lots of love,
Jarvis xxx

Chef Jarvis

Scrambled eggs, anyone? 

Jarvis is quite the egg cracker. In fact he seems to be better at it than me! I may have to retire...

The baby doesn't care for eggs (sigh...), so this was a Jarvis and Daddy activity. Such fun!! I'm sure he enjoyed the eating even more after helping with the cooking :) 

Fun with Firewood?

What to do with kindling aside from light a fire? Turn it into a fence for the farm!

The animals were having all sorts of fun in there - swimming in the water trough, escaping and running away to town (you can just see a peek of the road map in the top left corner!), even Buddah is in there riding on a cow. 

I loved watching the game Jarvis played with the runaway creatures - he'd make them jump over the fence and run to town and found them a paddock to hang out in, then took a tractor and a lego man to town to round them up and bring them back! 

All this from a few pieces of kindling :) 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Wheels on the Bus!

Or, what to do on yet ANOTHER rainy day! 

After our visit to the midwife (te he he!!!), we met some of our lovely friends, Rachel and Leroy,  for a cup of tea in town. It was rainy and dreary outside, and we sat and wondered what to do next. 

Rachel came up with a fantastical master plan. Take the little boys riding on the bus! We waited patiently at the bus stop (until we realised that we were a half hour away from catching any bus, we then popped into the library before coming back!), a bus arrived, and on we hopped. 

Jarvis and his friend Leroy were visibly excited. Eyes like saucers, 'wheels on the bus' actions at the ready. They both seemed quite baffled that they were in a vehicle that didn't require a car seat. 

Off we went! Such excitement! We curled through the streets, at times having to reach over and hold the boys to prevent them flying into the aisles. Luckily the bus was fairly uninhabited (although we did think perhaps we needed to add a new verse...'The gang member on the bus goes GrrrGrrrGrrr...hmmmmm), and the other patrons (aside from said grumpy looking gang member) seemed to enjoy the singing and commentary from the two little boys.

What a morning! $2, 45 minutes, infinite fun. Hooray! 

A Train?

Jarvis seems to think I have a train living in my tummy. 

The midwife tends to agree with me that it's a baby, who will be joining us in early October!  ;)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

An Adventure in a Not So Small Town.

Jarvis & I have just returned from a lovely adventure in a Not So Small Town! A wonderful way to escape from a few days of being a Bride of Wine, and stay with some really fabulous people we don't see nearly enough (this is the problem with living in our Quite Small Town - it's a hell of a long way to anywhere!). 

Luckily, Jarvis's awesome Grandma & Grandpa have a fabulous assortment of things little boys love at their place. Four Wheeled Motorbikes, Lawnmowers, 4WD adventuring cars, trailers, an assortment of retired jeeps, and an old ambulance! 

There are many more awesome photos which will have to be revealed later on - I was so busy playing I forgot completely to take any - as soon as I get my mitts on them I'll share! As well as his vehicle fun, we went on a grand expedition to Auckland Zoo (the hippos & the bulldozers were the highlights), visited the hot air balloons, and had a really awesome time hanging out with the lovely Breiona :) 

Such happiness!!! Thanks, Bruce & Cat, for our awesome holiday! 

Amazing Waterfall!

Whilst traversing the countryside, Jarvis & I stopped off at Huka Falls for a peek. 

He's sure got a way with descriptions - 'Mummy, an AMAAAAAAAZING waterfall!' 

I'd be willing to bet many a grown up has said something pretty similar :) Lovely! 

Another Rainy Day!

A few pictures from a week or so ago...ways to amuse a lovely boy on a rainy day part two!

1. Find gumboots, go adventuring in the rain. Collect treasures along the way. 

2. Spend many moments riding the four wheeled motorbike parked in the garage! 

3. Paint gorgeous green pictures on the deck :)


Birthday Pictures!

Chasing his friends with a bunch of balloons...

Finding their way into the pinata! It was filled with snack sized bags of popcorn - very popular & very light ;) I spent ages trying to think of something to stuff in there that wouldn't knock out the kids!

One super fab train birthday cake :) Thanks, Nana! 

One birthday boy conquering his new jungle gym :) 

What a magical day! 

(Excuse the crazy cropping, I don't like to put other people on here unless they want to be stars of the internet ;) )