Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday!

Goodness, how naughty - no post since last Wardrobe Wednesday! It's a bit of a rush job today too, I'm off to Australia this evening, all by myself, for a conference!

Shane & Jarvis will no doubt have a wonderful time while I'm away, doing Man Things like hunting for tigers in the boon-docks, cooking possums on the barbecue, that kind of thing. I'm a curious mix of nervous & excited, the Kindermusik conference will be fabulous (and spending a few days in a lovely sunshine coast apartment will be quite fabulous too!), but I do wish my lads could come along. I've got my aussie sim card all ready to go, and as their mobile calls are much better value than ours, I'll be able to call & text to my heart's content :) 

I'm even taking the Ancient Camera (that one which had to come out the day the real camera got busted), so hopefully there'll be a few sunshine coast pics to post when I get back (right now I'm writing in lieu of the WW photos uploading to the computer...the new camera is fab, but takes a seriously insane length of time to transfer to the computer. Not cool. Right now it claims it's going to take another 24 minutes). With any luck there'll be some awesome Man Things pics too ;) 

And finally it loads! Excuse the laughing smile ;) One of the vineyard guys walked past & started doing model poses as I tried to say we were taking a picture so that Jarvis doesn't forget what I look like while I'm away! 

Top - Karen Walker (lovely, lovely husband bought it for me as a wedding present!)
Skirt - My sister kindly gifted it to me, originally from Principals
Belt - Same same, many many ;)
Little boy - in his pjs! 

Right, off to do important things (like actually finish packing...) 

Happy Wardrobe Wednesday!! Hopefully next week I'll be rocking the wonderful dress I made last week...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday!

Morning all! I almost forgot it was Wednesday today, luckily Shane remembered & got a pic before he went to work as my self portraiture is a bit rubbish;)

Dress - a Kilt one I picked up in a Palmy op shop for $3. It was far too big, so I used my super hack sewing skills & took the side seams in! (no unpicking, no measuring, just a couple of rows of stitches! Not perfect, but it stays up now!). I love it - there's something about bright pink lace to make you smile. 

My favourite cardie again - a bonus of it most likely being made from plastic is it dries overnight & I can wear it loads!! 

A wonderful necklace Shane bought me from local shop, Bird of Prey. It's one of my only surviving necklaces at the moment, I have a stash of busted ones (thanks, Jarvis...) in my handbag in little plastic bags, waiting to go and get restrung. 

Hen - Rouge, one of my lovely chooks. Yesterday they had a near death experience when the dog I mentioned in my last post (he must have been reading my blog...) tried to eat them all, yet again. Having had enough of this stupid, horrible dog, I phoned animal control and this time got him an official written warning. So there dog, don't mess with a gal & her chooks. 

Thanks, Clare - Wardrobe Wednesday was a fab idea :) Loving it!! If you're a Wardrobe Wednesday newbie, pop over to Green Valley Crafts & see what it's all about - we'd love you to join in! 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Chickens, Budburst & a Garden full of Garlic

Dee Dee - Queen of the Chickens. This feisty Orpington is the chicken matriarch around here, in lieu of us having a rooster she keeps the other five in line. She's our only original chook - after our first three were gobbled by the neighbours hideous, hideous dog (the dog is now on home detention after I got sick of the horrible thing eating our chickens, and had him arrested by animal control!).  

The gang all have very original names - aside from Dee Dee they're all named according to their colour. We have Rosso, Rojo, Rouge, Blanco, and Fragola (who used to be Bianco, but turned a strawberry blonde colour after she moulted!). 

Jarvis adores his chickens, and spends a lot of time pursuing them around the lawn trying to give them cuddles. He's getting pretty close, they're very tame anyway and getting tamer every day. He tries to share his food with them, as he does with the cats. They're a little keener than the cats where things like potatoes are involved ;)

Last night I opened the back door, only to see Blanco all curled up on the step, fast asleep! On further investigation, we found four more chickens cosied up around the yard! Jarvis had locked them out of their house and we hadn't noticed - so when they went to go to bed at sunset they couldn't get in! Shane went on a chicken rescue operation, and one by one gently picked them up and carried them back home. Five chickens in bed, one chicken awol. Being the chicken lovers we are, chicken number six (it was dark, hard to tell who was who at night!) had to be found!! Out went Shane, with the camping lantern. In the end it was Boom Boom the cat who found the last chook - she was cuddling up beside her feathered friend in the carport :) I like to think she was keeping Mrs Chicken warm, whereas Shane thinks she was planning some kind of midnight chicken feast...She's never tried to eat anyone before, I'm sticking with my theory! 

The apple trees have bud-burst, the plum tree is covered in blossoms, and the vineyard is starting to wake up with tiny leaves on the Muscat.  Spring's here!

And, finally, check out the garlic! Bring on December! 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday!


And it's Wardrobe Wednesday again already!! Where are the weeks going? Today's photo's actually from Sunday, when it finally stopped raining for a day & we went on a playground expedition :)

Dress - Ezibuy
Cardi - my fave, made of a terrible synthetic fabric but the most wonderful shape ever. Thrifted after many, many months of hunting.
Another obi belt (obviously I rather like obi belts!)! First time ever! And maybe the last, my most wonderful wonderful shoes have officially carked it today. My wonderful husband bought my campers for me years ago, and I've worn them a million times since. Sadly, they've given up :( 

Happy Wardrobe Wednesday! To check out what the other lovely ladies playing along have been up to, visit Clare's blog :) 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Quinoa & Penguins

A curious blend, and an even more curious lunch. When leftovers meet far too many eggs & a waffle iron shaped like a penguin. 

Just in case your curiosity is overwhelming and you too feel the need to get creative with your quinoa...Mix together a cup or so of cooked quinoa (I cook it in the ricecooker. I'm in love with my rice cooker!), a grated raw beetroot, a couple of eggs, a spoonful of flour, and a pinch of baking powder. Put into penguin shaped waffle iron, bingo (or pingu?). 

Jarvis has just eaten four penguins worth, and that has to be a good sign. 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday!

Happy Wardrobe Wednesday to you all! 

Today's ensemble is a dress which I loved the fabric of so much that I really didn't care that it's a bit big...nothing that a belt & some pins doesn't sort ;) If it didn't have drawstrings all over the show I'd take it in - but the drawstring waist AND drawstrings in both shoulders mean I'd have to totally deconstruct it & start again. I don't think so! Belt & pins, here we come. I might hand sew the top to make it a bit less voluminous sometime soon! Merino icebreaker top underneath (spring, where are you?), obi belt from kilt (on which I modelled the other four I've since made), and a pair of tights I think I stole from mum. 

No shoes again - one day I'll surprise you all & actually have some footwear involved. Fluffy hair c/- Jarvis (who has hidden my straightening irons. Why is his the only room with a power point & mirror in close proximity!), awesome looking iams green bin is a toybox which blocks a certain gentleman from climbing up onto the little desk & throwing the freeview box onto the floor. 

As it's looking so pretty, I'll credit the painting behind me lovely hubby bought it for me as a birthday present back when we were a two income/zero children family - by a fantastic kiwi artist/designer who goes by the name of Flox. It is absolutely beautiful, the woman is a genius. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone's Wardrobe Wednesday blogs today!! Have a good one :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A little more gardening love :)

You'd never guess that we don't spend much time inside the house, would you ;) All our photos lately involve plenty of mud, and it's awesome. 

That's all for now! 

Wardrobe Wednesday...week three

Today's Wardrobe Wednesday ensemble is one of my takes cocktail dress to a whole new place ;)  The close ups are just in case you're in need of a mai tai or a blue hawaii for breakfast!

The dress came from a wonderful wee shop which closed down years ago, called the Funk Room. That gal really knew how to make some great clothes! Old glassons cardie, flower in my hair (I usually wear a flower in my brightens the day up!), no shoes (again!). Wonky hair from lack of fringe straightening this morning ;)

Not the best photo in the world - trying to get my lovely husband to take a quick pic just before work, whilst Jarvis escapes onto the muddy lawn in the rain leads to a photo of dubious quality! I'm about to take off across the lawn before Jarvis makes it into the mud puddle that is our vege garden!