Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Cardy Snake-Worm-Creature

Jarvis decided he quite liked a pretty battered old cardy of mine last week. Not really the kind of thing you want to be carrying around the place, not really the kind of thing I should still be wearing after about 5 failed repair jobs...and it was only a $20 glassons cardy to start with. Pair of scissors, piece of ribbon, bit of finger knitting & bish bash bosh we have a snake-worm-creature. Nice.

Lemons make great toys!

Not only fun to play with, but tasty!

Jarvis the sunsmart cookie!

The sunnies were meant to be for our holiday...but as it rained the whole time they haven't really been used til today! Quite stylish!

Just because he has a lovely smile...

Two Teeth!

We'll need an updated picture as now they're way bigger, but here are the two teeth :) Poor wee guy has been quite unimpressed about the whole tooth thing, they must be really sore! Thank goodness for the wonderful Amanda & her homoeopathic teething spray...

We're Back! Part one - Jarvis aka 'Houdini'...

We have returned! My grand ideas of blogging whilst on holiday were foiled by a disagreeable computer (which has now been remedied...I went shopping for my inlaws & they now have a fully functional computer!).

A few adventures to report on, so I'll do it in a few parts...I can't find the camera right now, so photos will have to come later. Finding it could be a challenge as the house is looking kind of like that horrible little tornado that got Ramarama yesterday has come a visiting. But with a roof.

My plans of getting Jarvis to use his awesome hut while we were away lasted a day. Mister tricky discovered that he could roll over, do a bit of a shuffle, and commando crawl out the door!! He was 'napping' on the first day of our holiday when we heard a rustling sound, looked in & found him halfway out the door. Hmmmm. He doesn't like being zipped inside, so the tent had to be abandoned in favour of the hammock - from which there is no escape.

He's really becoming quite mobile, rolling around the room to get to where he wants to go, doing crazy shuffly things on his puku, making me think he might not be a stay in one place boy for much longer...It was his six month birthday on Sunday, where has the time gone?!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Playing on the deck.

A fun Sunday morning with Daddy - I ran off to town to do a few jobs & the boys hung out together. Lovely!

Asleep in his hut

This is Jarvis's portacot. Somewhat unconventional for a portacot in that it is actually portable. I'll have to take a photo of it all rolled up into its little bag, it is teeny weeny.

What's really fantastic though is that he's in it & fast asleep, has been for about an hour now! Yes!! We're off on an adventure next week to visit his grandparents, and I've been pondering his sleeping arrangements, their house isn't really set up for the hammock unless he wants to sleep poking out of a wardrobe, and he'd never slept in his little tent til this morning. Feeling a whole lot better about it now though :)

How it's going to fit in our room I don't know, but I'm sure with a bit of cunning furniture rearranging we'll be sweet as...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Father's Day Card

This is the card Jarvis made for his Dad on Father's Day! It was quite a challenging endeavour...His hair had red paint & glitter in it for several days! Pretty cool though :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A sunrise & a happy memory....

On a visit to the bathroom early this morning (to get to our bathroom you have to leave the house...it's in a little room off the side of the deck!) I stood for a few moments & watched the sunrise. Then I decided to take a picture of it.

Anyhow, whilst standing & watching the sunrise I had remembered a similar moment while I was in early labour with Jarvis. My waters had broken at 8pm the night before, so I hadn't had a whole lot of sleep, but the whole business was still quite bearable.

I was standing in my nightie out by the garden, looking at the same view in the photo, holding my enormous puku & smiling because I knew that later on that day I would get to meet my baby :)

Brought a wee tear to my eye thinking about it! Lovely...

Friday, September 11, 2009


After a week we have one beautiful happy little monkey, fast asleep in his cot during the day!! No crying was involved, just a cd with mystical powers (cheers Anke!) & some jiggling (also thanks to Anke!). He's been happily taking naps in his cot for 3 days now, and sleeping for decent stretches without me needing to attach springs to the legs of the bed.

I had to sneak into the bedroom to take the photo, then lighten it up a bit before I could post it - there was no way I was sneaking into the room to do a bit of secretive flash photography :)


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hey! Mister Tambourine Man

He just loves that jingle jangle!

We went on an expedition to the beach this morning & walked for an hour and a half in the sunshine...One of those days where I'm extremely grateful for my extreme off road all terrain beast of a buggy, soft sand is a killer! So beautiful though - clear blue skies, Young Nick's Head shining away in the distance, big crashy waves, lots of negative ions flying around. Just perfect :)

Monday, September 7, 2009

I love black & white photos...

Washing baskets are also quite invaluable

The giggles that came out of this washing basket as we used it for a racing car in the lounge were fantastic. The basket may now have to be a dedicated car, meaning I'll never be able to hang out washing again. Oh well!

Who needs toys when you have green corrugated cardboard?

No need for explanation here...I think the photos say it all!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

A cunning plan...

I've been reading Elizabeth Pantley's book 'The No Cry Sleep Solution' for some handy hints on helping my lovely little pumpkin with falling asleep...he's so super at night in his cot, but during the day he'd just really rather stay up & play with me - even though his eyelids weigh a tonne & won't stay open by themselves! I also need to work out how to get him to nap in his cot (currently he naps in his hammock...so lovely, but he's growing at a rapid pace which could mean the hammock won't be an option for much longer!)

I've been pinning his teddy to the side of the hammock, he snuggles him & chews on his ear (the pin is to stop him pulling teddy onto his face, which he did once & gave himself a terrible fright! Teddy is quite incapable of smothering him, I did a trial by smushing teddy into my face to see if I could still breathe. Bet that's an interesting image...). Anyhow, even with Teddy's assistance naps in the cot are still a no go.

Enter the latest cunning plan. In this splendid book I'm reading, Elizabeth Pantley suggests that
" If you have a small, safe stuffed animal you can tuck it in your shirt for a few hours, and then place it in the cradle while the baby sleeps..." She has a nifty website full of interesting bits & pieces too, worth having a wee look..

Today Teddy & I shall have some bonding time! The plan is if Teddy smells like me, Jarvis will be comforted. I like it!

Friday, September 4, 2009

A wonderful blast from the past...

The lovely Megan posted this a couple of weeks back & I've been enjoying it ever since! As an enthusiast of both Simon & Garfunkel and Sesame Street this covers it all really...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Hut in the Sunshine

Jarvis & I made a hut today. He mostly supervised the construction, but it was a hut for he & I to play in in the sunshine (but out of the sun since he doesn't really care for sun in his eyes!). Unfortunately no photos today - the camera was out on important business!

We gathered all sorts of excellent building materials for our hut - the clothes drying rack, two outdoor chairs, a handful of pegs, a blue silk sleeping bag liner & a polar fleece blanket with teddies on it. The floor was made of yoga mats & we took a few treasures in with us - Ebu the elephant & Jarvis's favourite wooden curtain rings (excellent for gnawing on).

We spent an hour or so in our hut - watching the sleeping bag liner flutter in the breeze (Jarvis thought this was amazing & squealed every time it billowed!), sang songs, had cuddles & had a lovely time...

I think we might just have to do it again tomorrow :)