Friday, February 27, 2009

This time next month...

This morning I ventured out to see the lovely Amanda at Manutuke Herbs to buy some of her Pre Birth Homeopathic spray...Still a little scary that I need to start taking it in a weeks time! Between that & the Artemis Pregnancy Tea my body should hopefully be well prepared!

I loved being able to go straight to the person who makes it - she has a little pharamacy set up out the back of her shop & makes everything herself. Really cool. Will definitely be paying her some more visits once our little friend comes along!

My next important tasks involve making the curtains (which I've been meaning to do for several months...) and making a great big batch of chamomile cream & beeswax balm, all ready for the arrival.

Another cool thing I found today is the site - just what I've been looking for, a kit with a big pile of lovely soft cotton wipes, a bucket with a lid, & some tea tree oil - no way we're using yucky chemically wipes on our baby & the organic ones are so expensive!!

So much I still need to do!!!

PS I have NO idea why the font changes halfway through this post...I can't change it! ahghhh....

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