Friday, December 4, 2009


Not enough time to write, but just enough to post a few snaps :)

Right, back to add a little bit of a tale! Jarvis is napping, my wonderful guitar girls have departed, and Shane is most likely feeding a baby cow & won't be home for a little while yet!

The lovely Jarvis is gearing up for Christmas, practising his climbing, commando crawling and general manoeuvring so that once the Christmas tree is up, he'll have a way of investigating it further! ('investigating it further' is a codename for picking something up, rolling onto his back, and carefully examining said item with hands & mouth!).

Crawling is imminent - we have rocking on all fours, and if he's on carpet a tentative knee moves forwards before it all gets too much. The lounge is barricaded off with a curious assortment of furniture & suitcases...He's working out potential weak points though, even though he doesn't want me to know about it!

Climbing is another fave pastime right now, there's an obstacle course of suitcases, pillows, big fat dictionaries & a guitar or two in the middle of the lounge. I think he's been paying attention when I do yoga - a very impressive downward dog happening, as well as a good looking high push up( as demonstrated in one of the pics) ! Wish mine was that good, sadly I am too lazy.

Christmas decorations are up in the lounge, despite the lack of tree. Ornaments hanging from the curtain rails, the hooks in the ceiling, in fact anywhere it was actually possible for me to hang something! I'm hoping a tree might come home tonight...although how exactly we'll protect it from the chief investigator of objects is yet to be decided :)

Rach - as soon as the weather stops being wintery, a snap of the romper suit in action is coming!! Poor little guy will freeze if I make him model it in this weather ;)


  1. Kathleen, Jarvis is so darn cute! Hope one day he and Novella can meet :)

  2. Thanks!! That would be so lovely...I'm sure they'd have a wonderful time pulling each others hair ;)