Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Earth Day :)

On Earth Day, Jarvis & I headed out for an adventure in our rather substantial back yard. We took his bike off-road, and ventured out into the vineyard. First stop, the chicken house. 

Strangely, one of the chickens decided to join us on our mission. Rosso followed along behind us, with BoomBoom the cat keeping an eye on the whole operation. BoomBoom isn't really aware that she's a cat, and behaves more like a dog on the whole. She always follows when we go out walking, but to have a chicken along was an entirely new experience. 

Jarvis is investigating the vines with great interest. We found an abandoned bunch of viognier on our journey & brought it home in our treasure chest (also known as the trailer on the bike!). They've since been gobbled up, nothing like home-made biodynamic raisins!

Gathering a couple of leaves to put with our treasures...

At the end of the driveway, lives a vine rootstock. These vines don't get grapes on them, they just grow higher & higher! What's really cool about our one (maybe all rootstocks do it, I really don't know!), is the beautiful crimson colour it turns at this time of year. We collected a couple of these leaves for our treasure chest too. 

A few lovely souvenirs of our adventure - a traffic light of vine leaves, a bunch of raisins, a couple of dandelions, and a clover!

Although pushing Jarvis' bike down the extreme terrain of the vineyard was hard work, it was great taking him on a walk where he could see everything! We have a real little outdoors man here, once he can walk full time I doubt we'll be inside much at all (crawling on wet grass is not so much fun...) ! 

Happy (belated) Earth Day!


  1. precious!

    (cousin Tracey)

  2. Does Boomboom fit in the treasure chest too?

  3. Looks like you had a lovely adventure, with gang of unusual followers. What a great way to celebrate earth day :)