Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mister Caterpillar

Ah, the wonderful things that can be done with an empty baby formula tin! (Yes, I always had to supplement Jarvis with formula. It kept him alive, which was my goal. Feel free to set me on fire, I really don't care!).

Anyhow, my latest creation is one of Jarvis's favourite friends, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I found my inspiration on this blog , be sure to have a read! It was all pretty simple really - paint the formula tin a caterpillar-ish shade of green, dig out sticky sparkly paper to make some eyes, cut large hole for mouth, done! (I actually had to make the mouth a little bit bigger after Jarvis got his hand stuck & was pretty unimpressed...). The picture doesn't really do him justice, but the sparkly eyes just aren't working out in today's light!

He feeds Mister Caterpillar all sorts of tasty treats - keys, cellphones, blocks...once he's a bit bigger I'm planning to make some felt fake food to match the story :) Wicked!


  1. Awesome!! I hope I have a spare old tin around somewhere to make Issac one!

  2. I never chucked any of them out - those tins are fantastic! My kitchen cupboards are full of them, great to keep weevils out of the food :)