Monday, July 19, 2010

Playdough/Virulent Blue Roti

Our first exciting foray into playdough was most successful! 

We made it without a traditional playdough recipe as such (mainly because we didn't have enough salt!), it's a mutation on the recipe I use for making roti - if we'd rolled it out flat & thrown it in the frying pan we could have had a virulent blue accompaniment to a nice dal ;)  

I half expected Jarvis to eat the whole blob of dough right away, but was pleasantly surprised. Maybe we're moving past the whole 'everything may be food so I'd better check' stage? He tentatively poked at it, and was overtaken by giggles when it bounced back at him (maybe a side effect of my unconventional recipe? I don't remember normal playdough ever behaving quite like that).  Using the glass coffee table as a playdough surface was a pretty fantastic idea, I have to say. 

It was really fabulous when he realised that by bashing his giant lego into the dough, he left a lego shaped hole for a moment or two. Jarvis is a fan of bashing things on tables, so to be able to do it without being redirected made him very happy indeed. 

The smile says it all. And the dough lasted for about a week (in the fridge in a sealed container) before it went a little yucky & had to get thrown out! 

Jarvis's Playdough Recipe...
A cup of so of flour
Boiling water 
A little food colouring (next time I'm thinking I may be outrageous & try turmeric for a natural alternative?) 

Mix the boiling water & food colouring in with a wooden spoon til the dough comes together. Knead it for five minutes or so (or until it's the texture you want it to be). Be sure to store it in the fridge in an airtight container, the salt in regular playdough acts as a preservative so this won't last as long :)  


  1. hehe - thats how you extract gluten from flour (just wash it aftetwards) - prob why was so bouncy!

    ah the useless gluten related info i now have!

  2. My goodness, that wee man of yours is growing up fast!