Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Skate Park...

What a way to spend a morning! 

Visiting the local skate park at 8am is a fabulous idea; the 'serious' skating types haven't managed to drag themselves out of bed yet, so a small boy & his bike have free run of the whole place without having to worry about being run over, or getting in the road of someone going a million miles an hour on a skateboard.

He zoomed around for an hour or so, giggling maniacally as he took corners and negotiated ramps. When we finally had to go (when the big boys started to arrive...), we had one very unimpressed little pirate bike rider on our hands. We have a very strange two year old on our hands in that he never has tantrums, so it was quite a disturbing performance! 

When he got up this morning, his adventures at the skate park were first on his list of stories to tell us. It seriously made his day (perhaps his week!). Fantastic!

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