Friday, July 22, 2011

29 Weeks...

A bit of a dark self portrait - will get my lovely husband to take a better photo of me this weekend, but I thought I'd better post something of an update as I haven't in a while!

My body isn't quite holding up the way it did with Jarvis's pregnancy - I feel like a giant sausage today, with tubey grip holding my tummy muscles in place, and a smiley belt taking some of the weight of my bump! The physio has forbidden me to do such everyday activities as leaping out of bed to tuck Jarvis in if he wakes up at 3am (thank you, lovely're a star!), picking up said small boy from the ground, and carting about big bags of groceries (the wheelbarrow is a seriously awesome accessory...). 

Fortunately aside from those little issues, I feel pretty good - and I only have ten weeks to go!!!

Picture - 29+4 :)


  1. eeeeeeeeeeeee! not long to go!

  2. Wow 29 weeks already!!

    You look gorgeous

  3. Man oh man, I hear you on the second time pains... Getting M out of the bath was a nightmare. I'm feeling for you x

  4. Thank goodness for those wooden wine boxes is all I can say...they make the perfect step for entering & exiting the bath!