Monday, September 19, 2011

A belated farewell...

Thank you for six lovely years filled with lovely things - adventures, our wedding, camping trips in the sun, picnics at the beach, warm afternoons on the porch, sunny days under the walnut tree, many very special friends, one small boy added to our family, and our beautiful wedding (it was super fab so deserves a second mention!) :) 

Now to see what adventures lie in our new home...


  1. Hi Kath!
    Good for us that you are here in Mahana now! Was great to see you at Kids and coffee!

    How is Jarvis?
    Just wondering cause Bonnie's got a fever... Hopefully he is fine!
    Talk to you later! x

  2. Hi Kath!
    Wow, a wee little girl! Huge congratulations from us! So happy for you!
    And what a beautiful name, love it! Bonnie's middle name is actually Olivia. :-)
    We'd love to come and see you when you're up for visitors and don't hesitate to call if you need help with anything.
    Well, I might see Jarvis and your mum tomorrow then! And looking forward to see you again and to meet little Olive! Take care!