Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday!

Hooray! Wardrobe Wednesday returns! Thank you, Lovely Nin at Sailor Spy :)

We have a theme for January - the latest addition to your wardrobe. This fab dress is new to me, but not to the world - it's a late 1950's Carol Brent frock my amazing husband bought me for Christmas this year. (Yes, he chose it totally independently - the only reason I had to see it before Christmas was so he could check my measurements & I might have noticed if he were pursuing me with a tape measure...). 

So, so lovely...the only problem is it's quite a tricky business breastfeeding a small baby in it, but even that can't stop me - I just have to wear it when hubby is home to assist with unzipping it! (1950's metal zip technology..not so hot. Will get an invisible zipper put in it asap, way too chicken to do it myself in case I do something dreadful to my new treasure!). 

So... dress - awesome pressie from husband
        petticoat - trade me
        shoes - thrifted
        necklace - a mystery! one of my only surviving necklaces - all others are in zip lock bags waiting til my      babies are big enough not to bust them ;) 
       hair & makeup - shocking! hairbrush stolen by two year old, make up a vain attempt to cover up a very long night! (cheers, big shiny full moon - shining on Olive's face so she thought a) it was morning, or b) the police were up in their helicopter looking for her!) 

Find more Wardrobe Wednesday action here!! And do feel free to join in :) 



  1. that dress is amazing! good husband! ;)

  2. Wow stunning, I can just imagine you twirling in that - I would be. Just a thought - sunlight soap rubbed in the zip teeth has worked for me in the past - you have the slide the zip up and down a few times, but it should help and it won't hurt the fabric :)

  3. Love the dress! Gorgeous!