Friday, May 3, 2013

Hello there!

After spending a lovely afternoon with Clare & her wee ladies (Green Valley Crafts)  I decided I'd come home & actually write a post on my poor neglected blog. Okay, so I'm doing it with two kidlets climbing on me & being general menaces, but you have to take what you can get...

So, amidst trying to survive the crazy that is two preschool aged kids, I've managed to do something I've seriously been meaning to do for years - make something to sell! I've made bags from recycled blankets for myself & my awesome husband, but this time I've made one to put into For The Love of Handmade's maiden voyage into Facebook markets this coming Tuesday (May 7th, starting 8pm!). 

I'll post again once the albums are open, but in the mean time go & 'like' the page, and wait patiently to see the fabulous treasures which have been created by some very clever ladies :)

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  1. Cool! I've liked the Facebook page. Good luck with the market lovely! xo