Wednesday, October 8, 2014

So...what's been going on round here?

Ahhh, crazy times. My wonderfully awesome husband is in Canada right now on business, I've been hanging with these two monkeys for almost four weeks now. Thank goodness we get on a plane on Sunday afternoon & join him there for a three week holiday. Hooray! 

Ways to stay amused whilst he's away - host a Thermomix demo. I want a thermomix, and have dreamed about them every freaking night since the guy came & showed my friends & I how amazingly fabulous they are. 

This critter turned three. Three! 

This guy is now five & a half - he's loving school (but secretly a little excited about his extended holiday - we conveniently leave for Canada on the last day of the school holidays!) 

And here we have some La La Loopsy dollies on a tropical island of some sort. All the creativity. 

And that's us for now! Stay tuned for gorgeous photos from our impending trip to Canada :)  

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