Tuesday, January 27, 2015

View from the 18th Floor...

Not too shabby, huh. 

Since arriving here three and a bit weeks ago, we've been living in a condo on the 18th floor, smack bang in the middle of town. Awesome to have somewhere to live, as opposed to nowhere! Big congratulations to those who live in an apartment with kids & don't go entirely crazy though - these two are not designed for the indoors & it's been a struggle to keep them entertained (and contained) the past few weeks, especially while the weather outside was particularly wild & chilly. 

Thanks to one really spectacularly fabulous real estate guy, and a marvellous mortgage broker, we're moving in a week, into our own house! You have to pay a fairly epic premium to get a mortgage as someone new to Canada, but after selling our house in NZ, and considering how crazy low the interest rates are here compared with NZ, we figured we might as well put down some roots. Stay tuned for our new whare, come Tuesday next week!

'Til then, I'll hang on the deck on the 18th floor (in my coat), have a glass of wine, and admire the pretty spectacular view of Lake Okanagan. 


  1. Congratulations Kath, well done on securing a house so quickly. Can't wait to see pics of your new digs xo