Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm Back!

Goodness me, it seems to be almost a month since I've written anything! My apologies - no excuse really, just a whole lot of pursuing one small, but very fast, boy around the yard. 

Last weekend we attempted a family getaway to Wellington, kind of a post-vintage escape that Shane & I try to fit in every year once the winemaking madness settles down. This year we took along my mother for the trip, a bit of a holiday for her, and someone to mind Jarvis while we went out for our first meal in a restaurant in 14 months. 

Unfortunately our trip was somewhat foiled by a horrible tummy bug we must have picked up before we left home - we both started feeling terrible on Thursday night (we were going to Wellington on Friday morning!), and have only just come right in the past couple of days! We soldiered on though, regardless of pain & suffering. 

Thankfully, Jarvis missed out on the bug completely and had a fabulous time! 

Jarvis investigating some modern art, outside Te Papa...

He approves!

What started off as my smoothie, someone else had a different idea though...

We couldn't resist the ride on buzzy bee. It was outside a touristy honey shop (I'm sure the people inside were miffed that we were happy to ride their bee, but not come in!), and he adored it!! 

Wandering the rainy streets with Daddy, whilst waiting on our breakfast at Ernesto's. A lady was out doing the street cleaning in her fluoro orange raincoat, Jarvis ran over to say hi and have a chat about what she was up to. Very, very cute. Unfortunately the breakfast wasn't quite as good as we'd had at the Nikau cafe & Floradita's, disappointing as it was the first morning we'd actually felt like eating! 

Despite illness, Shane & I were hell bent on going out for dinner. It was probably the shortest lived dinner date in all of history - we went to the lovely Boulcott St Bistro, both finished about half of our entrees & mains, felt rather worse for wear, and slowly wandered back to the hotel! I did manage to drink my glass of champagne though. There was absolutely no way I was leaving that restaurant without enjoying my Taittinger. 

The other foiler of our expedition was the weather - plans of visiting the zoo & investigating the wonderful playgrounds in the city just couldn't happen. Grrrr. Luckily with Shane's folks living in Palmerston North, we can probably swing a daytrip sometime to go visit the animals. 

Weather & illness aside, at least we had something resembling a holiday! And after discovering yesterday that Rufus Wainwright is playing in October, we're going to try and get back to Wellington, just for the night, to see him (so long as I'm fast enough to get tickets...I missed the presale...). Hopefully a more successful venture? Send good ticket vibes to me on Wednesday morning ;)

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  1. Hey Kathleen; thanks for your lovely comments earlier :)
    I love your cute'n'colourful blog and your little man is gorgeous :)
    I tried to follow you BUT for some reason silly google has me signed in as my 7 year old son! So not much point following you as HIM! Don't know/couldn't see how to change it :(
    But just wanted to stop by and say hi, and nice to meet/connect with you .
    Luv Simone