Saturday, June 26, 2010

My Wonderful Teensy Amp


I got the most wonderful thing from my lovely husband for my birthday (which was forever ago, but it's taken me rather a long time to be organised enough to use my lovely gift...). It's a teensy guitar amp, masquerading as a golden syrup tin. Genius. 

My brother's friend makes them. This guy can craft a teensy amp out of anything. Initially he had a chamomile tea tin we brought back from Canada (he he...I love the irony of an amplifier inside a tin meant for the most peaceful of teas!), unfortunately the tin didn't quite have the structural integrity required, hence the replacement. Which is fine, as I do love golden syrup ;) 

Anyhow, my lovely teensy amp has been sitting, lonely, on my dressing table for a few months now...not because I didn't desperately want to give it a whirl, just that I never managed to fit it into my day (silly, silly woman that I am...). Then, a few weeks back, I read this great post by FaerySarah at BobbyRobin - and knew EXACTLY what she meant. Jarvis and I leapt into the car and went straight to town, to visit the (horribly overpriced) music shop and get a lead (that was the main problem I faced in getting the amp going, it's been that long since I plugged in I didn't actually have a lead any more...). 

We zoomed back home, and I examined my teensy amp, trying to figure out what on earth the power supply was going to be. Usually a good idea to do this before going into town for supplies. By happy coincidence, it runs off the same battery which powers smoke alarms. No, I didn't whip a smoke alarm down and steal the battery ;)  When the firemen came last month, they informed me that I actually had far too many smoke alarms for our house, so gave me one back to pop away for a rainy day, leaving me with one spare smoke alarm battery. Sweet. 

A happy afternoon ensued, filled with songs I love and should play and sing far more often. Happiness is my guitar, a teensy amp, and a huge back catalogue of Gillian Welch and Ryan Adams. Magic. 

Thanks for the inspiration, Sarah! 


  1. this is so cute. now you need to upload a video or audio so we can all hear you! go the ryan adams.. i love magnolia mountain its the best!

  2. Ooooh, maybe ;) Video ain't gonna happen, but audio is a definite possibility!

  3. hahaha thats so cute!!!
    yeah would love to hear the lil amp do its thing!! kewl!