Saturday, January 1, 2011

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!

I'm back! We've actually been back from our Christmas adventures a few days, but my lovely husband has just gone back to work, so I figured between watching Marie Antoinette on telly I'd catch up with my Christmas blogging :) 

We went to my Bec & Cairn's place in Hawke's Bay for Christmas (my sis & her husband), and the first thing Jarvis noticed upon arrival, aside from the puppy, was the strawberry patch. Witness Jarvis being trapped by the bird netting...

Not being a quitter, he did find his way into the berries and decimated the crop...Fortunately he realised the green ones didn't taste quite so good, and left almost all of them. 

Other object of Jarvis's desire - Remy the Dog. Small, cute, friendly, perfect. In his best Christmas attire. 

Christmas Kai - Bec & I preparing for the beginning of our feasting. The Most AMAZING hot chocolate in the world. Ridiculously good. Especially when you dunk pain au chocolate into it. (I can't find a NZ website for it, but we get it at Vetro)

After Nana & Uncle Mike arrived, gifts came out. Gifts in our family are about thoughtfulness & love, an exchange of treasures that you know will make someone smile & feel special. Bec made me the most fabulous dress (there'll be a Wardrobe Whatever-day-it-is special coming up soon)! Jarvis was treated to a selection of his most favourite things in the world...Here he is with his new little friend in a mini mei tai I made (as he opened the wrapping, he proclaimed his new friend to be called Ernie!), riding on his fabulous tractor (thank you, one day sales!). 

Ernie riding in the 'barrow' - so much easier to manoeuvre than Daddy's full sized one - thank you Nana!

GORGEOUS easel as created by Aunty Bec & Uncle Cairn - blackboard on one side, clips for paper on the other. Absolutely awesome, and getting a lot of use already! Shane's using it here to draw the family tree of assorted berries ;) 

And now for Feasting!

To Be Continued :)

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