Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Summer Loveliness.

Gorgeous Garlic. A little small this year, we'll need to dig some sand into the soil for next season's crop...

Juicy Watermelon. Oh Yeah. 

A nap in the beach shelter (on the lawn) with Jarvis & Ernie.

Minor maintenance on the camping chairs!

Ernie riding in the mei-tai as he & Jarvis take a ride on the bike. (Thank you to our wonderful friend Remy for letting Jarvis have his old bike!!)

Meadows of long grass & dandelions. 

Sword fighting with Daddy at the beach. (Loving the beach at 8am. Nobody else is there & the sun isn't too hot! Jarvis has just hiffed his hat away, I'm about to go and rescue it from the sea in this shot!)

The Wiggles Boat. Magic. 

Hairstyle by Drinking Chocolate. A whole container of the powder applied to the hair results in the most gorgeous fluff! 


  1. I love the sword fight with Daddy picture... just gorgeous

  2. Our garlic was a little on the small side this year too. With you on getting to the beach. We were home by lunchtime last week.
    And OMG how much does Jarvis look like his daddy in that last picture?!