Thursday, March 10, 2011

Amaaaaaaazzzzzing Apple!

Jarvis has always been a big fan of apples. Before he had a mouthful of teeth, he liked them cooked up & made into apple sauce (mmmm....I still kinda like them like that). These days he can demolish one in several minutes, leaving nothing but a stalk & a few seeds. 

Something went a little wrong in our local ecosystem this year, & our apple trees yielded a total of about six apples between the three of them! Not at all the usual bounty. Poor Jarvis was pretty upset about this problem, and spends forever gazing up into the trees, just in case there's a sneaky apple up there somewhere for him to gobble.

A couple of days ago, just when I thought all apples had been devoured & we were out for the year, Jarvis came running into the house shouting about shaking the apple tree (which is a favourite Kindermusik song of his, so I of course thought he was just singing!) - until he dragged me out by the arm and showed me that he'd found a surviving apple! Hooray!

The apple didn't last long. I got one nibble before it was all gone! 

He named the lonely apple he discovered in the tree ;


No other apple has had that title bestowed upon it, obviously the regular apples are just lacking in the amazing factor that comes from growing one in your back yard. 

Next year we need to get some bees in, to make sure we have plenty more Amazing Apples for this gorgeous apple munching creature :)

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  1. So sweet - a love story between boy and fruit of choice.