Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Beach Tractors

Ah, tractors. The apple of Jarvis's eye, potentially his favourite things in the whole entire world. So being on holiday somewhere that boating enthusiasts like to base themselves was pretty darned fabulous. A huge proportion of Whitanga's boats are towed down to sea each day by a fabulous array of old tractors!

Each day when we wandered down to the wharf, he would see them from a great distance. That boy can see the wheelhub of a tractor, even if the rest of it's concealed behind an enormous truck, from miles away. Once he's spied it, there's no stopping him. I never realised an almost two year old could run quite so fast. 

For a young chap he's got his tractor facts sorted - he knows there's a fairly good chance that a red tractor will be a Massey (as he's on very friendly terms the surname isn't required!). 

Whilst not a Massey, this blue tractor was pretty popular too. Check out the fab badge on the front! This one's a Fordson (which wikipedia tells me is what Ford tractors were named until 1964). 

And one more Massey for good luck. You may have noticed Jarvis is dressed differently in each picture - this happened every single day! I could have posted 12 photos of my son hijacking various tractors in Whitianga. 

Each day I was just a little bit nervous that a grumpy old fisherman would appear and go crazy at the small tractor enthusiast...he's very gentle with the tractors, and really just wanted to sit in the seat & pretend they were his for a few minutes.  

And I don't think even a grumpy fisherman would be able to resist that smile :) 

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