Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Moon...

Jarvis has always had quite a fascination with the moon - ever since he was quite little he's enjoyed watching it. 

These days he runs outside to look for it, and tells us all about what it's doing. A few weeks ago, when the moon was just a thin sliver, he told me Daddy cut it in half with a chainsaw, that's why it was so little.

Last night, when the moon was big and round, he asked Daddy very nicely if he could please go and get the moon for him. He was very, very serious in his request! My lovely husband told him it was a little bit high, how would he reach? Jarvis's first idea was that he could climb up the enormous poplar trees which line the driveway...

But then he came up with a better idea. While Daddy was inside 'looking for his tree climbing gear', Jarvis came speeding in, demanding that we follow him. 

"I found the ladder! It's on the water tank! You can climb the ladder, and get the moon!"

Lovely :)

PS...one of Jarvis's favourite books is 'Papa, please get the moon for me' by Eric Carle. I think it's where he got his fabulous idea from ;) 

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