Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spicy Soup

My favourite lunch! A wander around the garden, and I have the makings of some pretty fab soup. Hot, sour, sweet, salty awesomeness. 

To make this marvellous creation...
A cup or two of chicken stock (home made is awesome)
A lemon
A few kaffir lime leaves
A few chillies
A stick of lemongrass
Some ginger if you have any on hand (I used it all up yesterday...the soup works beautifully without!)

Heat the stock with a slice of lemon, scrunched up lime leaves, sliced chillies, smashed lemongrass, and squashed ginger. Simmer til it smells fantastical. 

Boil some thin noodles til they're perfect (I love Korean Guk-Su noodles, my favourite!)

Strain the seasonings from the soup, and add fish sauce and lemon juice to taste. A few chopped mint leaves are pretty lovely too. 

Pour the soup over the drained noodles. 


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