Monday, November 7, 2011

What I Wore...

Do excuse the rubbish photo, definitely doesn't do this wicked frock justice. This arrived in a bundle of very random castoffs which came from my Mother-in law's next door neighbour. Some absolute gems (see above!), some absolute disasters, some really horrid jerseys that work waaaay better as skirts, and some mysterious items which my friend who owns a costume hire store was overjoyed to take off my hands. 

This dress started off somewhat dubiously, in fact I threw it in the bin about six times (and kept taking it out again every time I thought of something I could do to it that might just work). In the end a rough as guts attack with a pair of scissors left a pretty awesome dress. It needs a few repairs now as my hack job was kind of rough, but it's definitely wearable. And I really, really love the tiny pleats!!


  1. i bought something similar with tiny pleats from an oppy last year, my mum saw it and screwed her nose up and said a negative comment about it... never wore it... thanks mum! she couldn't see the potential. :-( Plus who would have thought you'd just had a baby!!

  2. Oh, that is so pretty!
    Hope all is well, missed you at Kids and coffee yesterday! I truly hope you didnt catch this horrible flu!!