Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Year!

What a year.

We shifted, from our home in the North Island, to the South Island...a land where we had no friends or family. Thank goodness for Blog Land, which led me to a couple of lovely lovely friends, who made life so much happier for me.

Olive was born three and a half weeks after we arrived. Only the truly crazy shift islands heavily pregnant!

Jarvis started preschool, after three years of hanging with me. And loves every moment...

We bought our first home! And, obviously, shifted house yet again to move into it!

And I've been the most slack blogger in all of existence! However, I have plans to change my uselessness...I need to do something that's just for me. 

Keep your eyes peeled. More blogging will come. Yes it will. 


  1. What a year! It has gone so quickly. We miss you here. xoxo

  2. what a year! Shifting islands is what we did a year ago - and its only now I feel like this is home. It takes a wee while thats for sure. Yay for more great things this year!

  3. An amazing life changing year, miss you guys!! One day we will visit, Happy Birthday sweet Olive :D