Monday, October 8, 2012

I Dream of Suitcases

I am a compulsive vintage suitcase buyer. I adore them. When I travel, even internationally, I keep the luggage handlers amused with my unusual choice of baggage (my most common companion is a fabulous cream coloured Skyway case from goodness knows when). I was engaged in a ten minute conversation about my fabulous suitcase in Brisbane airport a couple of years ago!  And it's so easy to find on a baggage carousel ;)

So, whilst flicking through Frankie magazine on the ipad yesterday (may I add digital magazines are awesome. We have no more room in our house for magazines, they're obscenely expensive, and for the princely sum of $7.46NZD I have it instantly appear on my ipad. Choice. ), I read about Trunk & Orderly, an Australian company who make gorgeous fibreboard suitcases, storage boxes, and furniture, after buying up a retiring suitcase factory in its entirety! 

I am now dreaming about suitcases. Oh yes I am. I'm quite sure these guys read my mind & created a product just for me ;) Now to save up some serious pennies, and perhaps by next Christmas I might just be able to get one. It seems they don't currently ship to New Zealand, but with many gorgeous friends on the other side of the Tasman, I don't think that'll be a barrier!


  1. Kath I'm the same. I love vintage suitcases too. I use them for storage - fantastic!

  2. Have you seen these?