Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Go on then, a list...

And a crazy photo, Olive decorated me up ;) 

My lovely friend Elaina ( gorgeously had me in her list, and I havne't done a list in forever. Today will be that day! 

Making:  A bloody mess & a lot of (decaf) coffee. I think the coffee is a psychological thing ;) 
Cooking: A pretty weird assortment of food. When Shane's away I kind of lose the will to cook properly.
Drinking: Coffee! And white tea with Jasmine. The gorgeously fabulous coffee maker below was a present we bought ourselves to celebrate moving to the other side of the world! Also a wee bit huge amount of red wine of an evening to celebrate surviving the days with Shane away! 

Reading: The Chimes, by Anna Smail. Quite hard work on my addled brain, but a really great book. I think I need something light to read alongside it. 
Wanting: Shane to get home! Only a few more days...
Looking: at all of the boxes still unpacked & wishing they'd magically do it themselves. 
Playing: Guitar with the kids at Olive's preschool on Fridays. Fun :) 
Deciding: What to make for Jarvis' birthday party on Friday. 
Wishing: Everything was unpacked & in its place. And that the kids clothes were organised in some way! 
Enjoying: Spring! 
Waiting: to meet Shane at the airport on Saturday night. It's been a long month. 
Liking:  Getting to know our new cat. She's pretty cool. 
Wondering: if there are any really awesomely fabulous people in my neighbourhood for me to be friends with! I've met one really nice lady, but surely there must be more! 
Loving:  Watching the kids play really hilarious imaginary games the past week or so. They're great. 
Watching: The Blacklist - watched about a zillion episodes over the past week. 
Hoping:  the warm weather hangs around! I'm liking not having to turn the heat on! 
Marvelling: at central heating ;) After living in NZ and working so hard to heat our house, central heating is like magic! 
Needing: To get out for a run. Can't really ditch these two here so it's been a month of no running. 
Smelling: Beautiful soy candles mum made & sent in with our stuff. French pear is my fave. 
Wearing: All of the dresses I haven't seen since December! 
Following: My lovely friend Clare and missing her to bits! 
Noticing: Walking out the door & seeing green leaves on trees which were bare last week. 
Knowing: Shane will be home on Saturday night!!! Hurrah! 
Thinking: I must vacuum the house...but it's such a big house! Ugh! 
Admiring: My beautiful drawings by my even more beautiful friend Jessica . So wonderful to unpack & find them. 
Buying: Crap for Jarvis' birthday party. 
Getting: nervous about said birthday party. I don't think birthday parties here are quite the same thing as what I'd usually do...
Bookmarking: sewing ideas for if I ever actually manage to make space to sew. Or can stay awake long enough to sew. 
Opening: Birthday parcels from NZ
Giggling: at the things Olive comes out with. She crept into our room the other morning & informed me she can transform into a robotic cat. 
Feeling: tired, mostly. Grateful to have our stuff though :) 

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