Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Home Sweet Home!

Hurrah! We have furniture! We've had furniture for almost two weeks, and for almost two weeks I've been trying really hard to unpack it (ha ha, with limited success). 

We left NZ in such a hurry (it was less than two months from the day we found out we were leaving til the day we left), and the fabulous husband was so busy at work wrapping up his job, that I got pretty overwhelmed by the organising of stuff and as a result a whole lot of stuff ended up here which really should have gone to the op shop/rubbish dump/anywhere other than here! Lunchboxes with no lids, anyone? 

Just to add to the all kinds of crazy, the fabulous husband has been away for work pretty much all month - he was home (hurrah!) for three days, one of which happened to be the day our stuff arrived! That was very auspicious.

So, husband away, and spring break. Two weeks of small children on holiday who open boxes, rip everything out, and throw it on the floor. 

Opening the boxes is a bit like a lucky dip. We'd put almost all of our stuff into a storage unit when we put our house on the market (again, at great speed), and because of the rush there wasn't so much organisation involved. The moving men had to repack everything that was down in the storage unit for insurance purposes, which means 80% of the boxes have completely random contents! Clothes, a bit of fabric, a frying pan, a few my little ponies! 

Anyhow, with Jarvis' birthday party on Friday, I need to at least get one level of the house looking like less than a bomb site. Not sure if I'm winning, but I have a couple of days left...And fortunately I have wine to keep me going!  Anyone want to fly over & give me a hand? :D  


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  1. I'd fly over and help you in a heartbeat if I could afford it!