Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happiness is my ancient soda stream machine...

I love my soda stream machine. It came from a the A1 Mart, where it cost me $10 - two glass bottles with lids included. Bargain.

I remember the day I bought it. We'd not lived in Gisborne long, Shane had the car and I had walked into town (we didn't live in the countryside back then!). I put it in a shopping bag & walked home with it on a 30 degree day in the summertime, looking like a complete lunatic with this orange plastic antique poking out of my bag.

It's getting harder & harder to get refills for my old friend, the only place in town that does them now is Farmlands of all places. But my addiction to fizzy water means that I'll do what I have to in order to keep my soda stream alive! And you just never know what you may discover in Farmlands, found a well priced bucket of phosphate free washing powder yesterday which I may just have to go back & buy another day.

My little friend has just woken up, bubbles are firing up to the surface of my fizzy water, and I really should go & play in the sunshine with my gorgeous little man :)

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