Saturday, August 8, 2009

Latching On

This week's great adventure was to the latch on in town - around 30 mums & babies all having a feeding fest. Followed by the mums all having a feeding fest, including the most fantastical cake - a gigantic sponge cake shaped like a pair of boobs. Even had marshmallows for nipples. Excellent!

At home there were other adventures to be had, involving Kumara. Jarvis's appetite had become insatiable, far too much for one milk factory mummy to deal with alone. I looked at all sorts of things, feeding him more formula (which I wasn't terribly keen on), getting some horribly expensive organic cereal stuff that is only available out of town, and eventually decided that baking up some organic veges was going to be a much better idea. A big fat orange kumara was chosen, cooked up & pureed.

Friday morning - kai time. Shane got to do the spoon wielding, I watched apprehensively to see if the extrusion reflex thing had gone away, silly of me to worry really - Jarvis opened his mouth wide & gobbled the whole lot down. Then opened his mouth again - more please. Great success. This morning he woke up ready & waiting for his kumara fix. Gorgeous!

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