Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Christmas Tent, New Teeth, Sneaky Activities...

Thank you Aunty Bec & Uncle Cairn for the wicked tent!! So wonderful - we join the Cardboard Box Hut to the back door & it's like a secret tunnel :) We sit inside, making obstacle courses with blocks for Jarvis's wooden animals to conquer, peeking out the door from time to time to see the chickens shuffling around under the walnut tree. BoomBoom the cat is allowed inside too, in fact Jarvis has kind of worked out how to say her name which is pretty cool. It comes out boo boo, but he says it whenever she comes anywhere near him, so I'm thinking that there's some meaning attached.

My little friend has had a week exploding with new achievements! He's worked out how to climb over my makeshift Jarvis Barrier (a big wooden trunk...), I heard a strange noise a couple of days ago, turned around & found him on top of it, arms & legs flailing, quite close to going all the way over & landing head first on the other side. I have absolutely no idea what the next plan is, I'm thinking there isn't one & we'll just have to Jarvis Proof everything! We also have two more teeth, totaling six now. We have somewhat uncoordinated but very enthusiastic clapping, and wonky waving.

Yesterday I caught him grabbing a tissue (favourite naughty thing to get hold of), he peeked sneakily over his shoulder, but didn't see me hiding just out of view. He got a HUGE smile on his face and went to shove the whole thing in his mouth...I leaped into view, and he threw the tissue away!! Totally pretended he'd never had it in the first place. Absolutely hilarious!

In other chicken news, one of the orange chickens (who are known as the Spiders from Mars these days!), mysteriously disappeared last week without a trace. Not an orange feather to be seen. The total absence of evidence led us to suspect the large dog who lives next door, he's a serial wanderer and a breed designed for hunting fowl...Anyhow, this dog seems to have had his freedoms taken away, since our Spider disappeared he's been locked up, and I've never ever seen him locked up before in the almost four years we've lived here. Co-incidence? I feel a little sorry for him, he's not a bad dog, just one who needed better fences to stop him investigating the hectares of vineyard on his back doorstep...Until his confinement I wasn't totally sure if it was him, but the timing of it all makes me more suspicious. That and having the lady next door peering through the half closed curtain at me as I walk past in the mornings!

Goodness, quite a long post today. The internet is going at the speed of a snail, I don't think the satellite cares for the murky day. Most of this was written whilst waiting on the photo upload!

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