Friday, January 15, 2010

Relishing Freedom

The chickens are really getting into being free range! At last they've been released to explore their new home, and they're finding it to be most satisfactory. The three orange chickens follow DeeDee around, kind of like they're waiting for instructions. She's chosen one to be her deputy (funnily enough she's the orange hen with the most feathers), she seems to have a little big more authority than the other two, but DeeDee is firmly in charge.

Seeing them check out the rain for the first time was priceless, I guess they've never experienced water falling from the sky - they all ran around in their run flapping & clucking, very cute. They seem to have worked out now that they don't actually have to stand in the rain, as being wet isn't actually very fun when you're a chicken, so today they're hanging out inside their luxury chicken accommodation eating their room service (porridge, rice, a slightly knackered pumpkin) and laying us loads of eggs! Yesterday they were far too busy digging dustbaths in the garden for egg laying, kinda glad today's rainy and they're happy to stay at home!

Loving the chickens. They are fantastic.


  1. Aren't chickens awesome - I'm loving our 5... except when they get into the veggie garden!

  2. Yay, the chickens are liberated! I want chickens but think I might field many complaints by having them on my Sydney balcony. By the way Kath, managed to secure that apartment... so, looks like I'll be doing lots of rooftop gardening.