Monday, January 4, 2010

Merry Christmas! (okay, so it's rather late...)

This is the first moment I've had to sit down & write anything since Christmas! I may have to make a few posts today...

Anyhow, on Christmas Eve our newest family members arrived from Palmerston North - fondly known as DeeDee & the Death Squad (death to cockroaches & other crawling creatures that is...). I've been coveting everyone else's chickens for years, and now we finally have some to call our own. I spent a long time tossing up whether to go for a fancy breed or to go with the rehabilitated battery hens I saw on trade me, and eventually made the choice to buy the slightly mad but very nice orange battery hens. In a bizarre twist of fate one of the hens I bought met with an unfortunate end before she was picked up by my father in law, and in her place came a gorgeous big Black Orpington (one of the fancy chickens I really wanted all along!). What an excellent surprise!! I named her DeeDee, after my lovely Dorothy chicken from Cromwell. She's a great chicken & keeps the other three under control. They're currently living in a little run Shane built them outside of their palace, and once they've worked out where home is they'll be free to roam the vineyard.

Within hours of their arrival we had an egg. How great is that!

Christmas morning arrived, Jarvis woke up nice & early (he usually wakes up nice & early, but we'll blame it on the Christmas excitement...). His Nan & Grandad from Palmerston North were already here, but Nana Anne & Uncle Mike were coming later on in the day from Napier. He got some pretty cool treasures, and they're all things which will last the distance & remain interesting for him as he gets bigger :)

We had such a gorgeous day, Mum & Mike arrived in the afternoon, gingerbread cocktails were consumed, a feast was had, the sun was shining, football was played. Magic. One of the yummiest things on the table was a Kumara & Pumpkin pie which I'll post a recipe for sometime soon. So good!!

I have a great family photo but will have to ask the stars of it before I post it on here :) There are a lot of other photos in the pipeline too - I took very few pictures over Christmas, but I know my mum took lots. Christmas Photos Part Two to come at a later date.

In all, Jarvis's first Christmas was a great success.

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