Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lurking in a Suitcase?

A few days ago I heard a jingling sound, turned around, and found Jarvis buried under his toys inside a suitcase! 

I love that suitcase. I take it with me when I travel, it's even survived the baggage handlers at Brisbane airport (and got a lot of compliments from the airport workers, I guess it must be pretty boring seeing fancy black suitcases on wheels all day!). It forces me to pack lightly, is very easy to find on a baggage carousel, and there's just something about carrying an old fashioned cream suitcase that makes me feel a little bit special! It's definitely not as functional as something with wheels and a handle, but I think it's wonderful :)

I've let Jarvis use it for now, he has a total fascination with things that open & close (suitcases, doors, breadmakers...) so I figured I should channel his curiosity into something which won't lead to any more fingernails needing to be ripped off by the doctor (that was Monday's adventure). 

And just for something truly bizarre to contemplate, here I am this time last year. How on earth is it possible my little boy turns one next Saturday? I remember it all so clearly, but at the same time it feels like a weird parallel universe. 

Today's adventure - trying to get the house in some kind of order, attempt to actually cook something for dinner (for Shane & I - Jarvis is the lucky one who always gets his dinner sorted!), get out of pjs...And it's only the second day of vintage! 

I am in awe of the amazing people who parent alone, as I sat down at 7 last night after getting the lovely Jarvis fed & cleaned & storied & off to bed I realised all I'd eaten all day was a piece of toast & a piece of sushi, I was soaking wet (giving a small boy a shower is quite difficult when you're not in the shower - will just  take a shower with him tonight, at least that way I'm supposed to be wet!), I hadn't even thought about dinner and hadn't taken anything out of the freezer, the oven door exploded the other day & we don't own a microwave, so there was no way of defrosting anything, and the house looked like a bunch of marauding babies had trashed it! Thankfully they held off til today to press their first grapes, so my wonderful husband appeared & magicked up some dinner! 

Hmmmm...whatever will tonight bring! 


  1. Old suitcases are wonderful, they have so many uses. Jarvis looks so cute and mischief amongst his toys. I love that photo of you, isn't it so amazing how much they have changed and grown in such a short time.

  2. This is a really neat photo of when you were expecting, as well! The stripey top looks cool! Your little boy is gorgeous :o)