Monday, March 8, 2010


Look at the face on this sneaky bunny! I can see the thoughts going through his head...'Oooh, this looks like somewhere I really shouldn't be. How very wonderful!'

This is the 'oh man, you've sprung me' face. So funny - it comes with a high pitched squeaking sound. Jarvis is such a cool little guy (and obviously I'm not biased in any way...).


  1. We've got the exact same thing here with my china cabinet. Issac sneaks over to it and keeps looking behind him to see if you're watching or not. If you are he squeals and runs/speed of light crawls to it, stands up and then bangs on the glass like he's saying - let me at them!!

  2. He can see in the bottom pic a pair of salt & pepper shakers that are little cows in tuxedos, I think they're his main objective! I absolutely love it when they think they're being sneaky!