Monday, March 1, 2010

The Return of the Semi-Negligent Blogger.

When I looked at my dashboard this afternoon to see that the last time I blogged was February 15th, I was horrified! That is until I remembered that, with February being a short month, it was only two weeks ago. Which doesn't make me a terribly diligent blogger, but not quite so negligent as I'd thought. Anyhow, here are some ramblings from the past couple of weeks :)

Here's my wonderful friend finishing off his dinner on a muggy afternoon. He continues to devour anything put in front of him, and has a somewhat insatiable appetite. We know he's finished when food starts to fly around the room. I think Jarvis is going to enjoy frisbees once he's a little bigger...

This is Jarvis enjoying some rather heavy reading for a boy of 11 months. I found him lurking in our bedroom after tipping over a large pile of books destined for our new bookcase, currently residing on the bedroom floor. I'm thinking Bruce & Cat will have a wee giggle at his choice of reading material.

For the first time in years, our plum tree is actually giving us more than four plums. It is just superb, gorgeous dark juicy plums for every meal. We even have enough to attempt some plum chutney. Can't wait.

Must go and splash in the back yard with my beautiful family :) Part two of the adventure to come...


  1. Lucky you & your plum tree - we have a huge old Black Doris which loses 90% of its fruit to the spring nor'westers, with the surviving 10% being ravaged by the local bird life. Anything that survives though is always big, scarlet and juicy, but invariably pecked - meh!

  2. Loving the cheeky grin! And the food-faces...and the reading. Our lad comes into our room every morning and pulls all the 'grown up' books off the shelves to have a 'read'...never satisfied unless there is a book in his hand that one. Glad that you still have enough summer to enjoy some splashing...looking forward to that!