Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Just in time for Wardrobe Wednesday!

What timing - I got home yesterday morning, and although I'm rather tired & confused about what time it is (who'd have thought a three hour time difference could throw you into such disarray!?), I'm here!

Today's photo comes from the camera being stuck on super macro...hence the extreme soft focus (as in very blurry indeed). Whoops. Camera is no longer stuck on super macro, but the dress I'm wearing is on the washing line after a meeting with a glass of syrah last night, so fuzzy it is. 

A wonderful new dress from a market in Brisbane city (which I plan to use as a pattern & clone many times!)
A pair of shoes!! Yay!! I made a visit to my favourite outlet mall & got this great little pair of sketchers. And they were only $29. Love it. 

My amazing visit to the Valentino Retrospective at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art was like a Wardrobe Wednesday inspiration fest. I seriously wanted to stay there forever, it was just so beautiful. My friend's partner even went so far as to call it dress porn ;) I'll be blogging about that expedition later, when I have a little more time! For now, the sun is out & the back yard is calling. Happy Wardrobe Wednesday! 


  1. That dress really suits you, it's very sweet. And great deal on the shoes!

  2. Cute shoes. Loving the summery spot out in the daisies

  3. Gorgeous! Sounds like you enjoyed a fabulous time away and I live the photo of your shoes and the daises. So great to have some sunshine days and wear summer clothes for a change.

  4. Very pretty dress, looks like the perfect dress to duplicate. Will look fwd to seeing pictures!