Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hello from Brisbane!

A rather quick post (devoid of pictures, the Ancient Camera needs new batteries!), from the couch of my lovely friend's house in Brisbane :) She & her wonderful partner drove up to Mooloolaba last night & saved me from the uncertainty of an early morning encounter with a bus and two trains, and I must say I do prefer sitting here on the couch with a cup of tea to traipsing through train stations with a suitcase, looking like a mad woman!

My conference was fantastic - loved loved loved every moment. Totally worth coming over for :) Quite a lot of info for an out of practice brain to take in (three days of intensive workshops & seminars is quite a different kettle of fish to playing in the mud & dancing to the wiggles!) While I'm rambling away on the topic, you should really go to and find yourself a class to go to!! If you're in New Zealand that might be a little tricky as there are only three of us teaching, but if you love music & children you should totally look into teaching it yourself ;) (excuse the advertising! I always come away from the conference so very excited about Kindermusik!).

Right, off to gobble up my eggs benedict. Life is good. (and Jarvis & Daddy are happily at the playground playing pirates with some local kids. They are having a ball!!)

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