Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Camera Curse...

Oh dear. We have another camera disaster on our hands. The lovely new camera has some kind of gremlin living in its little computer mind, and all it's giving me right now is an error message. Blue Screen of Death, camera style. That picture above is what it looks like all the time now, as it spends its life trying to focus on something none of us can see & refuses to retract the lens back inside. Hmmm. 

Anyhow, while it's off having a vacation at the Warranty Repair Place (thank goodness for warranty repairs...), we'll be attempting to kick it old school. I'm going out to buy a film (a what?!), and whilst Shane & I are adventuring over this coming weekend, we're going to take pictures with the good old film SLR. Hopefully all will be a great success, and I'll be scanning like a mad woman come Monday next week for some blogging action. And a truly spectacular Wardrobe Wednesday. Seriously. I'll be awol tomorrow, but come next Wednesday you'd better all watch out. 

Hopefully some of my kind whanau will be sending me some great pictures from this past weekend - it was so good that this morning I forgot completely that it was Tuesday (not Monday) until it was almost time for my house to fill up with my gorgeous Kindermusik students & their Mums. Fortunately that lightning bolt hit me before they arrived, not once they started knocking on the door ;)

Keep your eyes peeled for tales of a great adventure - in the mean time, have a fantastic week! 


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