Thursday, December 9, 2010

An Adventure in a Very Small Town (part one)

Last week Jarvis and I went on a grand adventure! From where we live (affectionately known as the Road to Nowhere, as there is no way you can accidentally come here, or come here on your way to almost anywhere else), it was a six hour car ride to the Very Small Town which was our destination, but it was worth every second (21600 in all...)! 

Our gorgeous friends, Megan & Remy, were the reason for our great traverse across the countryside. I think Megan's blog was the very first blog I started reading - not long after that we started writing real letters to each other (so, so wonderful!), and not long after that again Jarvis & I escaped from the perils of Vintage (side effect of being married to a brilliant winemaker...)and went to stay with her & Remy for a few days. 

I had a few giggles from friends at the time 'You're going all the way there to stay with someone you've never actually met?' 

Luckily my friends are quite used to me - I famously moved to Canada with my lovely boyfriend (now husband) after we'd been going out for around six weeks. I'm very much of the opinion that life's too short to dilly dally about, and (obviously dangerous & insane things are excluded here), what have I got to lose? As you can probably guess, with the whole Canada thing I made the right choice! 

Anyhow, we rocked up to Megan & Remy's place after five hours of a happy car ride on a sunshiney day, listening to Ryan Adams, pointing out every tractor in every paddock on the road (and one hour of eardrum shattering screaming, after Jarvis decided that the trip had gone on long enough & needed to be over...). Once Jarvis eventually ceased from being insanely angry, he settled in & found his usual happy little guy groove. 

We did make the slightly deranged decision to try rooming the two boys in together - after an hour or so of some of the weirdest noises I've ever heard that whole thing got abandoned, & Jarvis took up residence in the hallway! A much better idea...

For some reason blogger got all snarky about me trying to upload a zillion photos, so I'll split the adventure into a few posts...they'll all be a bit pic heavy, so beware! 

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