Thursday, December 9, 2010

An Adventure in a Very Small Town (part two)

We quickly discovered that our holiday destination has the most fabulous playgrounds ever!  In our land of Nasty Vandals who Wreck Playgrounds, we have a bit of trouble keeping playgrounds in one piece - I think it puts the council off building really fab ones (understandably so...). It was quite a treat for a small boy who adores swings & slides maybe more than anything else (bar strawberries...and maybe cheese). 

We visited the most awesome indoor playground place (the pics are in part one!), ahhhhh the absolute joy of having a million things for Jarvis to do and a truly spectacular cup of green tea...

Between playground expeditions, Jarvis had no shortage of wonderful things to do...Remy had a busy few days, so until 3ish each day the smaller boy had free run of all the bikes, tractors, and building equipment! 

Digging, anyone? 

Coming soon to part three...the adventures of two little boys! 

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