Monday, December 20, 2010

Friends for Mr Reindeer!

My lovely reindeer, as seen here , was feeling a little lonely perched up on his pinecone all by himself, so I thought I might just make him a few friends!

Jarvis & I made a visit to the $2 shop for supplies. Wooden pegs (not the same pegs as reindeer the first, although I think I like these ones better!), googley eyes, pipe cleaners.

Reindeer aren't too tricky, and by next year I think Jarvis will quite happily be making himself a gang - but for now I'm sneakily making them while he's asleep...

Use PVA glue to stick together three pegs - like I have in the picture, 2 facing down, one facing up (for the head!). 

I do love the suspicious look on his face...

Stick on googley eyes (again with pva!), I used a shiny paint pen to draw his nose on as I forgot about pompoms... The antlers were rather difficult to attach, if you have a glue gun, USE IT! PVA is very very tricky to use for antler attaching. I spent ages searching for my staplegun, but it seems Jarvis has hidden it somewhere (that boy is in love with the staplegun). If you must use pva, sit & hold the antlers on for what feels like forever, or they'll just spring straight off again. 

Glue a strip of ribbon over your reindeer's back, and you're done! Hoof colouring optional (I'm thinking my vivids might just be hiding in the same spot as my staplegun, so no hooves for now!). 

Yay, Reindeer! I love Christmas - when else can you sit around making reindeer instead of doing many far more 'useful' things! 

Next mission...gingerbread cocktail syrup. Oh yes...

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  1. Awww this is too cute. And I agree this time of year is a great time waster on the craft front. But hey if not now then when?!!

    Definitely putting this on my to-make list for next year :-)