Tuesday, April 5, 2011

An Adventure in a Not So Small Town.

Jarvis & I have just returned from a lovely adventure in a Not So Small Town! A wonderful way to escape from a few days of being a Bride of Wine, and stay with some really fabulous people we don't see nearly enough (this is the problem with living in our Quite Small Town - it's a hell of a long way to anywhere!). 

Luckily, Jarvis's awesome Grandma & Grandpa have a fabulous assortment of things little boys love at their place. Four Wheeled Motorbikes, Lawnmowers, 4WD adventuring cars, trailers, an assortment of retired jeeps, and an old ambulance! 

There are many more awesome photos which will have to be revealed later on - I was so busy playing I forgot completely to take any - as soon as I get my mitts on them I'll share! As well as his vehicle fun, we went on a grand expedition to Auckland Zoo (the hippos & the bulldozers were the highlights), visited the hot air balloons, and had a really awesome time hanging out with the lovely Breiona :) 

Such happiness!!! Thanks, Bruce & Cat, for our awesome holiday! 

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