Friday, April 29, 2011

Chef Jarvis Strikes Again...

While I was running Jarvis his bath on Wednesday night, I heard a joyous squeak coming from the kitchen. 

"What are you doing in there, Jarvis"
"I love cooking, Mummy! I love it!"

The kitchen & bathroom are right next to each other (our house is of a curious design...), so I peeked out the bathroom door to see my small boy had dragged a chair up to the stove, and was happily pouring peanut oil into the onions & bacon I had frying gently for a pasta sauce...

About a cup of peanut oil, to be more precise. Quite a lot of it. The last of the bottle, even. My first thought was 'no no no no no no...' - but the smile on his face was too gorgeous for me to pack a hissy - especially when he told me again "Oh Mummy,I really love cooking!" .

So instead of admitting defeat and going to get fish & chips, I drained off the peanut oil into a cup, and instead of pasta for dinner we had really really awesome fried rice with bacon & veges & a peanut sauce :) 

It's all about perspective - disaster, or opportunity for a fantastic two year old to lead you in the direction of a dinner which was probably better than what it was originally intended to be! 


  1. What a great way to look at a near disaster. I could do with some of that positive thinking here at the moment. It's so easy to get growly when our little ones try to help. well done for turning that one around.

  2. PS...Jarvis is a very safe wee chef, he helps us in the kitchen all the time, so wasn't going to set fire to himself! He'd have a pretty tough time tipping over the giant le creuset casserole dish for a start...

  3. Haha, what a gorgeous wee man Jarvis is. Love your attitude of turning lemons into lemonade!