Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Wheels on the Bus!

Or, what to do on yet ANOTHER rainy day! 

After our visit to the midwife (te he he!!!), we met some of our lovely friends, Rachel and Leroy,  for a cup of tea in town. It was rainy and dreary outside, and we sat and wondered what to do next. 

Rachel came up with a fantastical master plan. Take the little boys riding on the bus! We waited patiently at the bus stop (until we realised that we were a half hour away from catching any bus, we then popped into the library before coming back!), a bus arrived, and on we hopped. 

Jarvis and his friend Leroy were visibly excited. Eyes like saucers, 'wheels on the bus' actions at the ready. They both seemed quite baffled that they were in a vehicle that didn't require a car seat. 

Off we went! Such excitement! We curled through the streets, at times having to reach over and hold the boys to prevent them flying into the aisles. Luckily the bus was fairly uninhabited (although we did think perhaps we needed to add a new verse...'The gang member on the bus goes GrrrGrrrGrrr...hmmmmm), and the other patrons (aside from said grumpy looking gang member) seemed to enjoy the singing and commentary from the two little boys.

What a morning! $2, 45 minutes, infinite fun. Hooray! 


  1. PS...excuse the grainy pictures, I forgot my camera and had to use my phone!

  2. Ha, ha! Yes, the thrill is quite something! The no seat belts thing makes it all the more of a 'ride'; especially riding on buses round the narrow, hilly suburban roads in Welly!!!

  3. this was so funny to me. my ladies always beg to ride the bus whenever we venture into a city. it's the simple things, really that make the greatest impact.