Sunday, September 13, 2015

Drive In

Over the summer, there's a drive in movie an hour or so from here. We thought we'd better check it out. Because it's a double feature & finishes at 1am, we figured staying over was probably a good plan. 

I booked us a room at a local motel, it looked okay on the interweb...

When we arrived, a scary woman with not many teeth took my money and told us to drive around the back and go in that way. Down a shady alleyway we went, past the dumpster with a homeless guy fossicking about, past a huge pile of rubble, and through a really really shady looking door which we assumed was going to lead us into the actual motel. 

The room wasn't so bad. Clean, two beds, operational plumbing. Yeeha. Okay, so the motel complex itself looked like something out of an episode of Criminal Minds, but the pool didn't have a dead body floating in it, so we were winning. Just in case, we took all our good stuff out of the motel room again when we left to go to the movie. 

We stopped to get something to eat on the way to the movie and came up against the fun of Canadian liquor licensing - you can't go into a pub/restaurant with kids as you would in NZ. You instead have to go to a 'Family Restaurant'. Oh joy. Apparently kids aren't actually allowed to eat food here, they have to eat chicken fingers & french fries & giant hunks of raw veges with mystery ranch dressing, and that's about it. We really need to do some research before we try to go and eat anywhere again. 

The drive in was awesome! We got there pretty early, word on the street was that the Minions/Jurrasic World double feature was going to be pretty popular of a Saturday night, and it was best to get there well ahead of time. We scored a sweet parking spot, set up camp, and had a brilliant time. 

Reaaaaally need to learn the words to O Canada before this happens again...
With immaculate timing, the kids crashed out in between the Minions finishing & the dinosaurs starting, which meant we could watch Chris Pratt and his raptors in peace and avoid months of dinosaur related nightmares. 

On our way into town on movie day, we came upon a mysterious produce stall decorated by giant dinosaurs and other creatures. And goats. The goats were real. They (the shop, not the goats)  sold fruit & veges, and sausages, and all sorts of weird random delicious stuff. We went back the morning after the movie to eat giant hotdogs for breakfast. Splendid! After the whole dinner failure we figured really good hot dogs were an excellent breakfast option. 

Morals of the story : the drive in is awesome, the motel is scary & next time we should take our tent, and the dinosaur goat vege shop is the best place to eat in that part of the valley. 

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  1. Looks like so much fun! Not the motel part though... Lol