Sunday, September 13, 2015

Six Months Later

Commitment to regular blogging - 0/10 . Ahh well. Six months between posts isn't so bad.

What's news then. 

* Survived the longest summer in history. Whoever the crazy person was that decided 10 weeks is an appropriate length for summer holidays is a psychopath, who hates everyone.  Had a few fantastical adventures, a bit of camping, a mission to a fabulous drive in movie (and a stay in a motel which looked like a location for an episode of Criminal Minds), and a lot of swimming in the lake. Thank god for a swimmable lake, it was a hot hot hot summer. 

* School went back this week. Hurrah. Jarvis got a spot at the school which is a short walk from home this year, no more catching a bus past that school & down the hill to the next one. And finally, after living up here for almost eight months, I've met some nice people in the neighbourhood (aside from my awesome friend next door who is amazing, but eight months & only one friend nearby is a little weird). Pretty tough crowd round these parts. 

* Harvest is imminent. Like next week imminent. Boo. Back home, I'd shove the kids in the car & go somewhere when shit got busy, but that's not going to work out here as a) I have nowhere to actually go, and b) instead of a two week school holiday falling in the busiest part of harvest, school has just gone back after a ten week break. Gifts of alcohol, chocolate, and caffeinated beverages welcomed. 

* Halloween is also imminent, which is way more fun. Jarvis had me sew a jedi robe for him last week, the perfect halloween costume. Especially as it works with the weather & you can make it seasonally appropriate pretty easily. Halloween is a BIG DEAL where we live. I probably should start drawing up plans for themed landscaping now. 

* Celebrated school going back by having some alone time & going for a run (a fine way to avoid cleaning the house). Probably unwise to go for a long run after several months of doing nothing. Ouch. 

That's all for now. I hear some kind of Jedi/Clone battle going down on the trampoline which I probably should check out. Ka kite. 

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